Wednesday, July 4, 2007



Thad K said...

Mr. Hunsecker,

I think it's great you celebrated the birth of our nation with images from the cartoons of that absolutely infallible Bob Clampett, but why the image from that talentless hack I.P. Freely?!

(fun fact: Walt Disney never forgave Friz for leaving the studio and would refer to him as that for the rest of his life.. Other Disney loyalists picked up the nickname too)

J. J. Hunsecker said...

Dear Mr. K (Thad K, that is. Not to be confused with John K.),

I just needed patriotic images from classic cartoons (and, damn it, I forgot about Der Feuhrer's Face!) regardless of the hackiness of the director of said cartoon.

Many years ago I used to enjoy such I. P. Freely cartoons as Baseball Bugs, You Ought To Be In Pictures, Confederate Honey, Little Red Riding Rabbit and Racketeer Rabbit. But that was before I read the enlightening words of JOHN K., whose pearls of wisdom shine like a super nova. (WORSHIP HIM, YOU FOOLS!...Sorry.) I then realised that I must have been brainwashed into liking those cartoons, because they were obviously BLAND. I now force myself to watch Terrytoons instead, because they contain an interesting mouth shape every now and then -- even though I don't notice them when they fly by at 24 frames per second.

After John K's indoctrination I took all my videotapes, laserdiscs and DVDs that contained Mr. Freely's cartoons and threw them off of the Santa Monica Pier. Then I urninated on them while they floated in the murky water. Then I was arrested by the police for indecent exposure. I tried to explain to them that I was just peeing freely. The end.

Anonymous said...

Freleng kicks ass.

Chris Battle said...

In this series of images, you are clearly advocating anarchy, the use of illegal fireworks, and in the case of the last image, some kind of cross-species pedophelia.

I'm reporting you to the proper authorities, Hunsecker. The inter-web is NO place for smut or rabble-rousing radical ideas!

J. J. Hunsecker said...

"...some kind of cross-species pedophelia."

Wow, Chris, you really hit the nail on the head with that description. Why are people so concerned with images of cigarette smoking in cartoons, while they overlook the inter-species pedophelia that is clearly present in them?

By the way, I'm not sure if you've ever seen that particular Porky cartoon (Old Glory) but at the climax of the picture the poor pig is sodomized (or "porked", if you will) by Uncle Sam. It's quite disturbing. Jones was obviously in his degenerate phase back then.

>>I'm reporting you to the proper authorities, Hunsecker.<<

Why bother? Don't the proper authorities know already, what with all the warrentless wiretapping going on these days?